Any questions?

In the coming days we will be providing more information about our plenaries, venue, accommodation, bursaries, and much more. Please feel free to ask us questions about any aspect of the conference. You can email Dr Evenden-Kenyon at; you can tweet us @angloiberians, visit our Network page on Facebook ( or use the Contact Form on this site. Many thanks!

Did you know…?

You don’t have to be working in the multi-national field of Anglo-Iberian studies to apply to speak at our conferences. If you work in one area (e.g., English or Mediterranean History) but are looking to collaborate with scholars or heritage professionals in another, we will help you create a panel to suit your complementary needs.

This conference series was founded out of a European Commission project (CONCOPRESS), with the remit of assisting multi- and mono-lingual scholars and heritage professionals in creating collaborations and networks worldwide. Please do get in touch with an abstract if you’d like us to help you connect with others beyond your current research language and/or field.


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