Anglo-Iberian Relations, from the Medieval to the Modern

19-21 OCTOBER 2017

Venue: Zafra, Extremadura, Spain.

Following the success of the inaugural conference on the theme of Anglo-Iberian relations, we are now able to confirm that we will be able to extend the timeframe from 1500-1850, to incorporate our medieval and modern colleagues!

It is now our aim to run the conference yearly, alternating between Portugal and Spain; we hope to return to Mértola in 2018.

We are now accepting expressions of interest in joining our organising committee for this conference.

If you are interested, please contact: elizabeth.evenden@brunel.ac.uk

For suggestions for plenary speakers, please also contact Dr Elizabeth Evenden-Kenyon.

Our primary language for this conference is ENGLISH, in order to remain within the original conference’s (European-Commission-funded) remit: to encourage further collaboration between English-language scholars and their Portuguese, Spanish (and other language) colleagues. If you prefer to present your paper in Portuguese or Spanish, this may be possible; you will be asked to provide a detailed abstract in English, to accompany your paper. (If you need assistance with this translation, please let us know.)

For details of the inaugural conference please see: https://angloiberian2015.wordpress.com/


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