This conference is the second in a series launched as part of a Marie Skłodowska-Curie project (CONCOPRESS), which sought to bring scholars and heritage professionals together, to encourage networking and collaboration in the field of Anglo-Iberian relations. In particular, its aim is to encourage English-language scholars to work with scholars working in other languages, to inspire and encourage multi-lingual collaboration. Similarly, those scholars who currently only work in one area (e.g., England only) but are interested in collaboration are most welcome to join us and we will organise a panel to suit your interests and needs.

Prof. José Martínez Torrejón on “WHY ZAFRA?”
     “Since its establishment during the muslim period, Zafra’s very raison d’être has been to serve as a meeting point at the crossroads of Andalucia, Castile and Portugal. Being a marketplace since the Middle Ages, when its famous cattle fair is first recorded, has left its mark on this town dominated by a culture of receptiveness: its people are welcoming and open to all, its history-laden streets, palaces, houses, churches and convents keep artistic jewels from all periods since the Roman times. Continuing this centuries-old tradition, modern Zafra offers easy access by road, train and bus, as well as an extensive and diverse array of accommodation and restaurants.
     Most notably for Anglo-Iberian scholars, the conference will take place at the former palace of the first duke of Feria: Gómez Suárez de Figueroa, one of Phillip II closest collaborators and his ambassador in London to Mary Tudor. Along with his English wife Jane Dormer, they made Zafra a focus of attraction for exiled English Catholics, including Margaret Harrington, who established the convent of Santa Marina.”

More about our venue

There are many places of interest to visit during your time in Zafra: the town has a staggering number of former convents, a 15th-century hospital, the (still functioning) Santa Clara Convent (and its excellent museum) but also our venue: a 15th-century-foundation castle, the former residence of the Dukes of Feria, now a Parador hotel.

The hotel offers a wide variety of suitable spaces for conference sessions, and a substantial, spectacular venue for plenaries right next door to the hotel. There are also a number of places for break-out sessions, coffee, and dining (and there’s a pool…).

For more information:

Turismo de Zafra Website  Ayuntamiento de Zafra Website 

Zafra Page on Spain’s Official Tourist Portal


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