#AIR2017 Today’s Highlight: Meet our Local Team in Zafra

The organizing committee are much obliged to José María Moreno, Juan Carlos Rubio Massa, Juan Santos Rincón Morales and María Rincón Moreno for their support in Zafra. They are also very grateful to el Excmo Ayuntamiento de Zafra, el Archivo Histórico Municipal, el Centro de Estudios del Estado de Feria and el Museo Santa Clara.

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Focus on our sponsors: Brunel University

This conference series was inaugurated in 2015, thanks to the generous support of the Department of Arts and Humanities at Brunel University, London, UK. We are extremely grateful for their continued support of this conference series, its associated network, and its graduate-support activities. Our founding lead organiser, Dr Elizabeth Evenden-Kenyon, is a Senior Lecturer in the English department there, and was a Marie Skłodowska-Curie International Outgoing Fellow across Brunel and Harvard universities at the time of this inauguration.


Things to do in Zafra

We hope you are looking forward to your time in Zafra. There’s plenty to keep you entertained when you are not at the conference, and a wealth of places to eat and drink. (Restaurant suggestions are listed under the Planning Your Visit tab.) We will add more information here in the coming weeks but, for now, here are some suggestions for webpages to browse, to help you plan your time in this beautiful town.

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 11.58.04 PM.jpg

Image: https://www.lonelyplanet.com/spain/zafra


Visita Zafra

Extremadura Turismo (English and Spanish)

Lonely Planet



#AIR2017 our Sunday Treat: discover the delicacies made at the Convento de Santa Clara in Zafra!

There will be ample opportunity to try these delicious local delicacies while at #AIR2017. Why not spend your Sunday tempting your palate with their wares in advance?

Convento de Santa Clara de Zafra – Dulces Típicos de Zafra

Posted: Sunday, 30 July 2017

Missed our #CFP deadline?

Don’t worry if you’ve not sent in an abstract for #AIR2017 in time for our deadline. We will do our best to accommodate you if you remain interested in participating. Drop our conference email a line

– angloiberian2017@outlook.com –

or contact Dr Elizabeth Evenden-Kenyon at elizabeth.evenden-kenyon@brunel.ac.uk. Many thanks!


Please note that all abstracts submitted to date have been accepted and we will be in touch with all delegates soon.

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